My Diet Experiment

The first time I remember not liking my body I was 9 years old. I just didn’t feel pretty like the other girls, didn’t quite like my skin. It wasn’t just my size and proportions. I was dissatisfied with my toes, eye brows, skin texture, hair color, and blonde eye lashes (really?). All in all I thought we could start over from the beginning on this canvas. Of course I had heard this at church a million times and saw all the instagram memes.

I didn’t believe it.

I could do better on my own.

I left Jesus behind when I went to the self help section of the book store. He was persona non grata at the gym with me. I asked him to stay home when I wanted to raid the shelves of the natural grocery store.

I decompartmentalized this area of life from Jesus. And it became easier and easier to do the same with any part of my life I would rather be in control of.

And then something clicked. I was sitting with my two BFF’s planning episodes for our upcoming podcast (TheySay Podcast). Health and wellness had been on our list, but every time we started talking about it we kept talking about programs. And our podcast was about relief for women from programs, through freedom in Jesus.

It was then I saw the cage. It was then I saw the lines I had created. The compartment was so very apparent. I had left Jesus behind in this part of my life.

I proposed we do a diet experiment, with Jesus.

We would had one simple rule. We would ask Jesus everyday for two weeks what to do. What to eat, what to not eat, and what activity he wanted from us. Then we recorded what happened in a two-part podcast season.

Part 1: Diet Experiment With Jesus

Part 2: Diet Experiment With Jesus

Now a year later I am doing a longer series. Follow along on my journey. You can follow on Facebook or Instagram.

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Week 1: Friendship is Ideal