Friendship is Ideal

What is ideal?

Friendship is ideal.

Hamburgers are ideal for friendship.

I started my first day of the first week of this challenge knowing that I would be going out for hamburgers and cheese fries with a friend for her birthday. The fact of the matter is that hamburgers are ideal for friendships and when your friend wants burgers you eat burgers.

Nourishment is also ideal for friendship.

Friendships are nourishing. Life giving friends provide nourishment to our souls. Being a life giving friend requires that I also be nourishing.

When challenges come up in marriage, work, finances or life; I can tend to pull away. I think that’s because it’s hard to place my burdens on others. This week, I reached out and I shared my burdens with close friends, and they sent nourishment back into my soul.

I want to be able to give nourishment for others. Keeping healthy doses of prayer, listening, expanding my mind, and keeping energy and health up maintains my ability to nourish.

I need vitamins for our soul, mind and body. I put vitamins back through relationships, and whole food rich in fruits and veggies.

More than anything, what fuels my healthy self is my reliance on Jesus. When I abide in him he takes away my frustrations and gives me the courage to let people really see me.

Chewing kale takes forever and is exhausting.

Friendships take time, just like taking care of your body. But they are ideal and worth the time.

Extreme diet programs take all of your focus and planning and will power to succeed. They can isolate you.

They Say: “Focus on you.” “Make time for you.”

I say make time for friends, they’ll take care of you.

Good friends don’t pull your wheat up with the weeds.

Wheat is a food product that is used to feed us. These days it gets a bad wrap in the diet industry, but wheat has been around for a long time to nourish us.

Farmers know that weeds get mixed up with the wheat and you have to be careful in your quest to pull up the weeds you don’t take the wheat with it.

A good friend partners with Jesus to tend to the weeds and knows not to confuse a person’s weeds with their wheat. As the world can sometimes say- hey see all those weeds, that is you. A good friend says, I see those weeds, and we can pull them together. But you are that wheat.

Today I ate a balanced diet. And I spent time over lunch with a friend who persistently points out my good wheat.

Good friends lean in and listen when you’re overwhelmed.

Sometimes we need to lean in and deeply listen to our bodies too. What is that indigestion? Why am I craving this food? Why are my joints sore? Why am I so tired?

Just like nourishment from a friend can soothe a hectic day, a change in diet habit can turn a symptom around.

Next Week: Strength is ideal.


3 thoughts on “Friendship is Ideal

  1. Good friends are difficult to find, but are worth the extra effort if you ever find a good one! I have only a handful of friends I can say are true, life long friends and I am super thankful to have them in my life.

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